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155 € excl. VAT

Delivered in 24 hours

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* Please read carefully  before purchase the RaceDisplay Pro is

compatible only with PC USB PORTS USB2.0

and USB 3.0. The display won't be recognized from

USB 3.1 and USB 3.2



The most accurate and closest design to the real GT3 elettronic display in the market. With a size of just L138 x H69 x W38 it contains within it a huge amount of information that will be essential to driving to always have everything under control and know what is going on 

racedisplay pro.jpg
Race Display Pro Back.jpg



  • 4 '' Vocore Display

  • USB-Aviation GX12  5A Cable

  • Mounting included 

  • Alcantara Cover





The dash package delivered to our client request the installation of the software SimHub and a driver installation related to the display 4'' Vocore. The display provide a resolution of  480 x 800 pixels and touchscreen.A premium licence of SimHub is recommended too run the display with an higher frame rate.The dashboard include 8 pages with a wide variety of informations:

Best Session Delta,Best all time Delta,Current Session,Tyres Info,Abs Value,Bias Value,Gap,Fuel Informations, Speed, Laps Info, Wheel Angle info, Track Live Map, Pit Lane Info and many other values.


Mounting Included  in the packageโ€‹

The set include a mounting bracket that can be easily connected to the simrig.

Inside the package you will find everything you need to be able to assemble and install. In the section below you will find a link to download the files necessary for installation.

Additional Mount 180 degreesโ€‹

During the checkout you can select to add a special mount that allow to connect the display directly to the aluminium profile and rotate

it 180 degree.

mounting race display pro.png


Download SimHub


RaceDisplay PRO Download Files (update 18/11/2022)

Content of the Download package ( RDP Dashboard,Vocore driver)



* Please click on the link only if you have the order number of the device.