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HyperWind 400CFM


379   excl. VAT

Delivered within 5-6 working days

HyperWind EPLAB.jpg
HyperWind view

Developed for all simracers who want to get closer to a simulation reality as close as possible to reality. The hyperwind was designed to give users the possibility to better manage the settings inherent to the wind flow and directions of  a real racing car. Through the Simhub software you can manage speeds, air flow percentages based on the different cars and wind speeds and directions (e.g. Left, right, center). In addition to reproducing the wind directions, it will allow users to enjoy the sessions simracing during all hot season where it becomes tough to play.




  • 2 Fans 200CFM each (400 CFM Total)

  • 2 PLA Motor Cover

  • GX12  Connectors

  • Power Supply 36 W 3A

  • Switch ON / OFF

  • StretchableTube Air Flow  from 30cm to 92 cm

  • Powered by Original Arduino Uno and Adafruit Motorshield V 2.3

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